Join the fight against Brexit
Cornwall for Europe is a non-party-political people’s movement dedicated to defending Cornwall's rightful place within the European Union. We support the mission of the EU in securing:
  • Peace inside and outside Europe
  • Prosperity and fair trade
  • Security and Human Rights
  • The four freedoms of movement
  • Cultural diversity including Cornish
  • Increased Educational Opportunities
  • Friendship and cooperation
  • Democracy and the rule of law
We do not believe that Brexit is in any way desirable or inevitable. We do not believe that Brexit will improve anything for the ordinary citizen. We do not believe that Brexit is truly the will of a clear majority of the people.

We demand that Parliament be allowed a free vote on the result of negotiations before the UK exits the EU and that remaining a full member of the European Union should be an option.

We will continue to support European engagement to the highest level whatever the outcome because it is our duty as European, as well as British citizens. We do not accept that the British Government has the moral right to strip us of either of our citizenships against our will. Ending Britain’s membership of the EU will not change our support for the “European Project”.

Join us in defending your rights as an EU citizen.